When it comes to book covers, satisfaction is what one usually looks for.
Well, at Pretty Indie, breathtaking is what we aim for.
    1x Ebook /
    and 1x paperback cover. It's simply, you get what you see and it's affordable ♡
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    1x Ebook / and 1x paperback cover
    Up-to 3 stock images
    Up-to 3 revisions
    1x Facebook Banner
    1x 3D cover mock-up
    and more♡
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    Teasers, Banners,
    Cover reveal graphics,
    Countdown graphics,
    Sales graphics,
    and more♡
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reader. writer. book cover designer.
Hi, this is Aisling. I'm a romance writer who loves making pretty book covers. As an indie author, I know covers can be pretty expensive, therefore, here, at Pretty Indie I pride myself on the pretty but affordable covers that I make. Feel free to take a look at the premade covers or, let me make you something pretty. If you don't find what you're looking for, message me, and I'll see how I can help you.


I love Pretty Indie's covers for the London Mister series! The paperback covers all fit perfectly with the series' branding and they are absolutely stunning.


I absolutely loved working with Pretty Indie and was very pleased with the cover of Veil. She is kind, patient, and extremely professional. I definitely recommend.


Gorgeous covers, terrific turnaround time, great prices, and excellent customer support. No complaints whatsoever.


All new bookings as of February 2024 will follow NEW PRICING. Click here.

Below is the pricing for every service Pretty Indie provides. 

Kindly note that a non-refundable deposit of $25 is required to book a spot on my calendar. You do not have the spot until the deposit is paid.

For any queries, see if it's answered in the FAQ. If you cannot find what you're looking for, email me at 

Premade covers

Ebook: $75 - $125

Paperback: + $ 25

Hardback + $ 50

Clearance Sales Bin: All covers (ebook and paperback) at $50

*Note: Some covers may be on sale, therefore the price may vary.

Clearance Bin is found in Pretty Indie Facebook Group.

Custom Made covers

Package 1: $125

Package 2: $25

Add-ons: (+ $ 25 for paperback / + $ 50 for hardback)

View more details about each package.

Series Cover

1st cover: $ 125

2nd cover: $ 100

3rd (and anything after that): $ 75

5th (and anything after that): $ 50

Add-ons: (+ $ 25 for paperback / + $ 50 for hardback)

*This is negotiable depending on which custom-made package the client chose.

Audiobook cover

Pretty Indie Book Cover Clients: $ 25

Other clients: $ 50 (Client must provide image)

PSD files

Option 1: Compressed layers psd file (cannot be edited - used for foil hardcover)

Option 2: Editable psd file (can be edited) *conditions applied

(Contact Pretty Indie for pricing and terms and conditions)

Promotional Graphics

Pretty Indie Book Cover Clients:

*3 Graphics Bundle:  + $ 25

*5 Graphics Bundle: $ 40

Other clients:

*3 Graphics Bundle: $ 30

*5 Graphics Bundle: $ 50

* Note: Additional graphics cost $ 12 each

** Note: For promotional graphics–same graphic but different size for different platform cost 5 USD.View what's included in these packages.

Series Logo

Pretty Indie Book Cover Clients: + $ 15

Other clients: $ 25


Pretty Indie Book Cover Clients:

Front only: $10

Front and Back: $15

Other Clients:

Front only: $15

Front and Back: $25


Kindly read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing a cover. 

Are you looking for something more? Something less? 

Sometimes the form below doesn't work so simply email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.